Securing Tasmania's Future with a New Tamar River Bridge


Deliver a new Tamar River Bridge, as part of our integrated package of measures to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow in Launceston and the Tamar Valley.

The feasibility work committed to in 2018 by the Tasmanian Liberal Government is complete and shows that a second Tamar River Bridge from the East Tamar Highway near the University Way intersection to the West Tamar Highway north of Cormiston Road is constructible, viable and delivers the greatest improvement to travel times and safety on the West Tamar Highway, removing more highway traffic away from key West Tamar activity centres, such as schools, than any other option.

The construction of a second Tamar River Bridge at this location will provide the flexibility and adaptability to accommodate future changes in the road network, such as incorporating a potential future eastern bypass of Launceston – the feasibility of which is currently under investigation.

In addition, a second Tamar River Bridge at this location will improve network resilience in the event of major incidents, and facilitates a better alignment with future residential and commercial development in the adjacent areas.

It is estimated that a new Tamar River Bridge will cost approximately $400 million to construct.

A re-elected Majority Liberal Government will contribute a total of $80 million towards the construction of this city shaping project, and within 100 days of the election we will put forward a strong case to the Australian Government for a co- investment of $320 million, in line with the agreed funding model for National Highway projects, to make the second Tamar River crossing a reality.

Also within 100 days, we will commence the preparation of detailed costings and concept designs to support a full and open public consultation on the proposed location and alignment of this transformational project.

Subject to a successful bid for Australian Government funding, we will commence a two-stage competitive Early Contractor Involvement procurement process, to secure the best value for money design and construction bid.

Consideration will also be given to seeking Major Project status for the proposed Bridge construction, given the estimated value of the tender and the complexity of the project.

It is anticipated that, once funding is confirmed, the design, planning, approvals and procurement processes can commence in 2023, with construction to commence in late 2025-early 2026 and be completed by late 2028.

Current work underway right now in northern Tasmania

  • West Tamar Highway priority projects, north of Legana
  • Batman Highway safety improvements
  • Evandale Road duplication, airport to Breadalbane
  • Southern Outlet (Midland Highway) road rehabilitation and strengthening

Our record in Government on infrastructure in northern Tasmania

  • East Tamar Highway, Mowbray connector
  • Prossers Road upgrades
  • Waterhouse Road upgrades
  • Midland Highway, Perth Links
  • Bridport Main Road upgrade
  • East Tamar Highway, Newnham junction
  • Bell Bay Main Road upgrades
  • East Tamar Highway, Alanvale connector

Labor-Green Government:

  • Chronic under-investment into infrastructure over 16 years in office, which resulted in the Midland Highway comprehensively failing the 2013 national highway road safety survey.
  • Proposed a blanket speed limit cut to 90 km/h for all highways as a cheap cop-out for proper investment on roads.
  • Spent the $100 million set aside for the Bridgewater Bridge on other pet projects, setting the bridge replacement back a decade.


The cost of this policy is $400 million, $320 million from Australian Government, $80 million from the Tasmanian Government (with $25 million already provided in budget); over six years from 2023 to 2028.