Significant investment in TasTAFE to secure Tasmania’s future


A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will secure the future of TasTAFE, investing an additional $98.5 million for 100 more teachers, brand new infrastructure and increased access for rural and regional students.

Ensuring young Tasmanians can get the training, apprenticeships and jobs for their future here in Tasmania is a key part of our Plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future.

TasTAFE will remain in public ownership as a government organisation, delivering more choice for learners, better pay for skilled teachers and flexible hours aligned to business and industry vocational needs.

Our additional investment of $98.5 million over four years will ensure Tasmanians can get the training, apprenticeships and jobs for their future here in Tasmania with:

  • 100 extra teachers to train more young Tasmanians;
  • $45 million for critical facility and equipment upgrades, new buildings and new student accommodation; and
  • $16 million to increase access for rural and regional students.
In the North-West, we will invest $12 million for new infrastructure and upgrades, including new student accommodation at Burnie to house 25 rural and regional students, and Trade Training Simulation Centres at Burnie and Devonport – to enhance practical learning opportunities, as well as expansion and equipment upgrades.

In the North, we will invest $10 million for an expansion of the health hub at Alanvale, with a new facility to deliver alcohol and drugs, and youth and mental health training, as the foundation of a new Centre of Excellence, as well as upgrades to the campus. The upgrades will include an expansion and new equipment in electrotechnology, metal and fabrication equipment.

In the South, we will invest $7 million to build a new student accommodation facility. This will maximise the benefits of our new $21 million TasTAFE Water, Trades and Energy Centre of Excellence at Clarence.

We will also invest $16 million statewide to create a Regional TAFE Facilities Development fund for additional upgrades for the benefit of regional and rural students.

As part of our plan to increase rural and regional access to TAFE training, we will invest $10 million to deliver the TasTAFE virtual campus, and $4 million for TasTAFE and Libraries Tasmania to offer access to TAFE training and equipment at rural and regional sites. We will also expand the successful Skill Up! program, including more options for IT and digital skills training with an extra $2 million over four years.

It took a Liberal Government to rebuild TasTAFE after Labor destroyed it, investing more money with more teachers.

It is now time for the next evolution of TAFE, and these initiatives will significantly boost Tasmania’s public skills and training provider.

TasTAFE will always remain in public hands as a Government organisation under a Liberal Government, and will be strengthened to help more Tasmanian tradies, apprentices and trainees secure local jobs.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government can deliver our bold plan for TasTAFE, more investment and more jobs to secure Tasmania’s future.

The full policy is available here.