Infrastructure package to help reboot the whole economy


Tasmanians have done an outstanding job to curb coronavirus in our State. Thanks to your efforts and cooperation, we are well and truly looking forward, and focusing on rebuilding.

To assist, Premier Peter Gutwein has announced a record construction blitz designed to stimulate the whole economy and to create around 15,000 jobs.

Housing is a major part of this package. We’ve expanded the criteria of the First Home Owner’s building grant to include owner occupiers. This means if you contract to build a house this year, you could be eligible for a $20,000 grant, whether it’s your first home or not. Along with the Federal Government’s $25,000 grant, this means you could get $45,000 towards a new build.

We are also helping more people to own their own home by expanding the eligibility criteria of our very successful and innovative HomeShare program, that greatly reduces the cost of buying a home and the monthly cost of owning it.

We’ll be spending $8.7 million upgrading police houses around the State, including houses in Woodbridge, Geeveston and Dover. The work includes new kitchens and bathrooms, security improvements, insulation, and new open living spaces.

We’ve also added $10 million to the Improving the Playing Field grant program, with grants of $25,000 to $250,000 available for local councils and sporting clubs. The Cygnet and Huonville Football Clubs have already benefited from this program, imrpoving facilities for a better experience for both players and visitors.

And we have added $50 million to the Local Government Loan Program, bringing the total to $200 million, which creates jobs and investment in our local communities. The Huon Valley Council is receiving a $5 million no interest loan under this initiative to enable the Council and its local businesses and community in responding to COVID-19.

These are just a few of the many initiatives of the infrastructure program that will supercharge our recovery and help get Tasmania and the Huon Valley back on track and back in business.