Independent Review into the North West COVID-19 outbreak


The Tasmanian Government has released for public comment the draft Terms of Reference for the Independent Review into the North West COVID-19 outbreak.

Mr Greg Melick AO RDF SC has been appointed as the Independent Reviewer.

An eminent member of Australia’s legal community, Mr Melick practises as a barrister and mediator in several jurisdictions in both criminal and civil matters. He is also Chief Commissioner and Chair of the Board of Tasmania’s Integrity Commission.

An expert working group will also be established to advise Mr Melick with members to have public health, hospital administration, and public sector administration experience.

It has been and remains my intention to ensure we have a responsible and transparent approach to Tasmania’s response and management of COVID-19.

This Independent Review of the North West outbreak is a vital component of that approach.

The Terms of Reference cover every aspect of the outbreak in the North West, including the actions and effectiveness of those actions taken in response.

It will consider Government agencies, public and private health care facilities and any other relevant authorities.

The Independent Reviewer Mr Melick will:

  1. Provide an opportunity to persons with a proper interest in the subject matter of this review to make submissions about that subject matter and, if thought necessary, to be heard personally in relation those matters;
  2. Ensure that where necessary appropriate confidentiality arrangements are made for persons assisting the inquiry; and
  3. Ensure the lived experience of North West Coast patients diagnosed with COVID-19 and those placed in quarantine are taken into account.

The Review will also cover any other matter relevant to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the North West that Mr Melick identifies in the course of Review activities as warranting investigation and discussion.

Feedback on the draft Terms of Reference closes on July 8, 2020 with the final Report expected to be delivered by the end of October.

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