Building a bright Digital Future for Tasmania


Today, the Tasmanian Liberal Government is releasing the state’s inaugural strategy for digital industry and service transformation – Our Digital Future.

This strategy articulates the Government's long-term commitment to developing the foundations we need to support digital inclusion and community wellbeing, a vibrant digital economy and workforce, and an integrated range of Government services that are easy to access and use by all Tasmanians.

Our vision is for a prosperous and connected Tasmania, collaborating and thriving in a technology­ enabled world.

Digital maturity is an incremental process and today’s launch is a crucial first step in our ongoing journey across three key priority areas: community, economy and Government.

Today’s launch is further complemented by a new Cloud Policy, which reflects contemporary national and international trends in cloud computing, and at the forefront safeguards the integrity and security of Government-held information.

The Strategy and Cloud Policy incorporate critical feedback received through public consultation, as well as during the Tasmanian Government’s ICT forum held in November 2019, and we thank respondents for taking the time to contribute. While many recommendations are addressed within the scope of the major actions of the Strategy or through other complementary programs or initiatives, other proposals have been recorded for further consideration as work on the foundational initiatives is completed or progressed.

Growing our ICT industry, skilling our professionals, putting more services online and equipping individuals to use those services is a massive team effort going forward. On that basis I encourage every Tasmanian, every business and every community organisation to look for ways to be involved.

More information on the Government’s Our Digital Future and Cloud Policy can be accessed at