Public Accounts Committee


Today I appeared before the Public Accounts Committee to provide input into an Inquiry into the Government’s economic and health expenditure response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The focus of the Inquiry is to look at the timeliness and efficacy of the Government's economic response including stimulus funding and targeted financial support programs/payments; health expenditure with specific reference to preparation and response to the pandemic; the impact, progress and outcomes of the Government's economic recovery plan; and any other incidental matters.

The Tasmanian Government has moved to allow for numerous, additional opportunities for scrutiny of our responses to COVID-19, including a review into the North West outbreak, and acceptance of all recommendations which are being implemented.

We have also committed to an Independent Review for which we released the draft Terms of Reference last week.

I have committed to appear before the Public Accounts Committee at regular intervals and will continue to actively participate in this process.

We have been fully transparent with the Tasmanian community throughout the coronavirus challenge and we welcome the opportunity to engage with the committee.