Exploring local opportunities for new Spirit vessels


As we rebuild a stronger Tasmania, we are backing Tasmanian and Australian businesses and jobs by exploring local procurement and manufacturing options for TT-Line’s replacement vessels.

Premier Peter Gutwein said with global and local economies impacted by COVID-19 it is vital the Tasmanian Government continues to make decisions that present the greatest opportunity for our local and Australian manufacturers.

“Tasmania is renowned for its innovation and this decision is a potential game changer for our advanced manufacturing sector,” Mr Gutwein said.

“We have a choice right now to invest around $850 million off shore in Europe, or to explore all our options in this new post-COVID-19 environment to maximise benefits for Australian and Tasmanian businesses and the people they employ.”

Unashamedly, we are going to explore fully the option for this significant investment and the jobs it will underpin to be spent in Australia rather than Europe with a particular focus on Tasmanian manufacturers.

It’s expected the project could create more than 1500 direct and indirect jobs.

The Premier said a Taskforce is being established to identify local procurement, purchasing and manufacturing options.

The Taskforce will include representation from Treasury, State Growth, TT-Line and a representative of the Federal Government.

Minister for Infrastructure Michael Ferguson said this will provide Tasmanian and Australian companies a greater opportunity in the construction of new vessels.

“We know the current Spirit of Tasmania vessels are already emissions compliant and can continue to operate safely and efficiently and meet demand well into the future,” he said.

“We will work closely with TT-Line to consider how Tasmania can best maximise the economic and social outcomes both during the build phase and after delivery of the new vessels.”

“We want to ensure that we fully explore all local and national options or possibilities before we to return to the market.”

TT-Line has enjoyed phenomenal success under this Government, and we will continue to deliver our plan for increased passenger numbers and lower fares.

We remain committed to building two new ships within our 2028 timeframe.