Paid pandemic leave for Tasmanians


Our number one priority through the coronavirus pandemic is the health, wellbeing and safety of Tasmanians.

While we do not have any active cases of COVID-19 in our state, we cannot become complacent and we remain vigilant and prepared to respond should the situation change.

The situation in Victoria is a stark reminder of what can happen should we let our guard down, and it is clear that we must do everything we can to ensure people are supported to do the right thing and not go to work if they feel unwell.

Accordingly, the criteria for our existing pandemic assistance grant, currently available for low income individuals and families who are required to self-isolate due to COVID-19, will be extended to cover casuals and low income workers who are unable to work if they are awaiting a COVID-19 test result. This is $250 for an individual, or $1000 for a family.

We will also be accepting the Commonwealth Government’s offer for a $1500 one off payment in the event someone is required to self-isolate or quarantine.  The Tasmanian Government will also extend this to our temporary visa holders, ensuring everyone in Tasmania can be supported to do the right thing.

Staying home when you’re unwell, awaiting a test result or being required to isolate is one of our most important safeguards, and I thank Tasmanians for their vigilance and understanding during these difficult times.

As I said earlier this week, Tasmanians can rest assured our freight routes remain in place, and National Cabinet has today endorsed the Freight Movement Code for Domestic Border Controls.

The Code aligns state and territory approaches to routine COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, personal protective equipment and effective self-isolation for freight operators crossing borders.

This will provide greater certainty for the freight industry and governments during these unprecedented times, ensuring measures can be enforced on the ground in a consistent and effective way.

We continue to urge Tasmanians to keep doing the right thing- practice good hygiene, maintain appropriate social distancing and abide by the COVID-safety plans in place.