Rebuilding a stronger Tasmania – support package progress report


The Tasmanian Liberal Government is getting on with the job of delivering for Tasmanians and rebuilding a stronger Tasmania through the largest social and economic support package in Australia, as a proportion of our economy.

Since we announced our support package, we have supported hundreds of community organisations to assist Tasmanians when they need help most.

This includes our 34 Neighbourhood Houses, 127 community sporting organisations and 52 local RSL and ex-service organisations, with funding totalling over $4.6 million.

In July, our emergency food relief providers provided thousands of food hampers, ready-to-eat meals, and around 160,000 kilograms of fresh and staple foods.

We have also provided emergency relief to 4,100 Temporary Visa Holders, who may lack family and other support and assisted 26 people to return home, at a cost of over $1.8 million.

21 local government authorities have received $144.3 million in zero-interest loans to support their local communities.

We are continuing to invest more into our health, mental health, housing and family violence systems with over $19 million provided to these critical support organisations.

Nearly 500 GPs and pharmacies have received grant funding of $4 million and we have boosted telehealth capacity by 1200 per cent, to accommodate up to 5000 virtual appointment bookings.

We acknowledge that our small business community is the engine room of our economy, which is why we have provided millions of dollars in payroll tax relief; waived rental payments on government leases to around 1150 businesses; and waived heavy vehicle registrations and fisheries licenses and fees to hundreds more.

We have also provided over $60 million in emergency and hardship grants to over 18,000 small businesses, to keep the lights on and keep employing Tasmanians and have opened a further $20 million towards the Small Business Sustainability and Recovery Assistance Package so our businesses can recover.

Around 22,000 small businesses have received electricity bill relief and last week we announced that even those in embedded networks will now receive support.

I have been clear that we will provide more assistance if needed, while continuing to manage the Budget responsibly. We will continue to support Tasmanian businesses and jobs by providing the social and economic support they need during these unprecedented times.