Remaining border restrictions lift, as Tasmania reopens to entirety of Australia


The Tasmanian Government’s number one priority throughout COVID-19 has been to keep Tasmanians safe, which is what we have done and what we will continue to do, particularly with regard to our management of borders.

Following Public Health consideration including the fact that New South Wales has now gone 13 days without any cases of community transmission, restrictions on the remaining 10 Local Government Areas areas in NSW will be lifted from 12.01am on Sunday January 31 (Saturday night), meaning that all of NSW will be classified as low risk from that time.

From Sunday, anyone who has spent time in the 10 local government areas in NSW in the 14 days before their arrival in Tasmania will no longer be required to quarantine on arrival in Tasmania.

Travellers in Tasmania who are currently in quarantine because they had been in any of those NSW areas in the 14 days prior to their arrival, will be able to end their quarantine period from Sunday.

This change means that all states and territories in Australia will be classified as low risk and once again Tasmania is now open to travellers from across Australia without restriction and we look forward to welcoming visitors from across the country.

Of course, we know from what has occurred in other states across Australia and in New Zealand currently, that the situation can change in an instant and I’d like to thank everyone who have followed our instructions. Your cooperation has helped keep everyone safe.

We need the help of everyone to continue to keep on top of COVID. For more information on what you can do, visit: