Tasmania's Choice


Tasmanian Premier and Liberal Party Leader, Peter Gutwein:

This morning I called on the Governor and requested an election be held for the House of Assembly on 1 May.

I did this because Tasmania can’t afford the uncertainty of minority Government.

Now more than ever we need a strong, stable majority Government.

So that’s why this election will be about who can deliver the strong, stable majority Government needed to Secure Tasmania’s Future.

While COVID-19 is not over yet, and many Tasmanians are still getting back on their feet, our economy is growing again, we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, and job numbers are back at pre-pandemic levels.

Tasmanians have shown great courage, resilience, compassion and kindness over the past year.

We are in a good place but there is a long road ahead, and Tasmania needs certainty.

Our Plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future will deliver the certainty Tasmania needs by:

  1. Making the decisions needed to continue keeping Tasmanians safe and secure from COVID-19;
  2. Delivering a more diverse and resilient Tasmanian economy to create jobs and to help protect against future challenges;
  3. Securing the essential services all Tasmanians rely on; and,
  4. Ensuring young Tasmanians and regional Tasmanians can get the training, apprenticeships and jobs for their future here in Tasmania.

My team and I have been decisive and held firm during the COVID-19 crisis, and together with Tasmanians we have helped Tasmania become one of the safest places in the world.

On the other hand, Labor are indecisive, have no plan, and we all know they’ll do a deal with the anti-everything Greens if there is a hung Parliament - just like they did last time.

Every election is a choice and this one is no different. This election is a choice between a majority Gutwein Liberal Government, with a clear Plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future; or a hung Parliament and another dysfunctional Labor-Green minority Government, which can’t make decisions.

The only way to deliver the certainty Tasmania needs is by re-electing a majority Gutwein Liberal Government.

So my message is, and will be for the next five weeks, if you want the strong, stable majority Government needed to Secure Tasmania’s Future, on 1 May vote Liberal.

Contact: 03 6224 1015