Strong Liberal team to Secure Tasmania's Future


This election will be about which team can deliver the strong, stable majority Government needed to Secure Tasmania’s Future.

Today, I am pleased to confirm that all 12 members of my sitting Liberal Team have been unanimously re-endorsed by the Party, and will officially contest the election.

Combined, this Team represents nearly 115 years of Parliamentary experience, and provides the experience and certainty needed to help Secure Tasmania's Future.

Tomorrow, subject to Party processes, I expect to announce the exciting new talent who will be seeking to join our team at the election.

Tasmania needs a strong team with a clear Plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future and that’s exactly what a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will provide.

The re-endorsed sitting members are:


  • Jeremy Rockliff (19 years experience)
  • Roger Jaensch (7 years)
  • Felix Ellis (1 year)


  • Peter Gutwein (19 years)
  • Michael Ferguson (11 years)
  • Sarah Courtney (7 years)


  • Mark Shelton (11 years)
  • Guy Barnett (7 years)
  • John Tucker (2 years)


  • Jacquie Petrusma (11 years)
  • Nic Street (4 years)


  • Elise Archer (11 years)