United Team to Secure Tasmania’s Future


The Tasmanian Liberal Party will field an outstanding and united team of candidates at the May election who will help deliver our clear plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future.

The 12 current sitting members will be joined by 16 new and exciting candidates from around the State who will bring a mix of experience, enthusiasm and optimism to the campaign.

I am very pleased to have such a strong team of candidates who have put up their hands to be part of a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government.

There is no doubt that Tasmania needs the certainty that a strong, stable majority Government can provide, and my team are the only ones who can deliver it and Secure Tasmania’s Future.

The new candidates are:


  • Lara Alexander
  • Greg Kieser
  • Simon Wood


  • Adam Brooks
  • Lara Hendriks
  • Stacey Sheehan


  • Simon Behrakis
  • Will Coats
  • Harvey Lennon
  • Madeleine Ogilvie


  • Bec Enders
  • Dean Ewington
  • Dean Young


  • Susie Bower
  • Stephanie Cameron
  • Justin Derksen