Labor deliberately misleads on caretaker conventions


Bastian Seidel and the Labor Party have once again politicised a public health emergency in a desperate attempt to grab a headline.

I responded to both the leader of the Greens, Cassy O'Connor and the Labor Leader, Rebecca White yesterday committing to consult on major decisions in line with the caretaker conventions.

As the situation rapidly evolved in Queensland today I called both Ms O'Connor and Ms White to brief them on Public Health’s view.

Ms O'Connor answered the phone, whilst Ms White didn’t answer my two calls to her but called back some time later which was after the announcement had been made. We obviously needed to act quickly to get the important message out to people impacted as soon as possible.

Mr Seidel should first check with his leader to understand the real facts, before shamelessly politicising a public health matter and spreading mistruths.