Beleaguered White must immediately explain explosive on-air claims


Former Labor Member for Franklin, Ross Butler, has made explosive claims on ABC radio* this morning, describing the process to block popular Kingborough Mayor Dean Winter’s endorsement as “fraud” and “corruption”.

Mr Butler, a long-term Labor party member and former senior union leader with the Australian Education Union, called the radio station to express his outrage at the process that saw Mr Winter left out in the cold.

He also suggested that Franklin Labor candidate Fabiano Cangelosi had originally been planning to nominate for the Clark electorate, but had been “persuaded” to run for Franklin.

Mr Butler said he had contacted Franklin Labor MP David O’Byrne to seek a full explanation of what had happened, before he would allow Mr O’Byrne to put up his election posters at his home.

Serious allegations demand decisive action.

It's clear that Ms White has meekly followed the faceless union bosses’ demands who brought in a Bob Brown Foundation activist to block Cr Winter's hopes in order to sandbag David O'Byrne in Franklin.

It’s time for beleaguered Labor leader Rebecca White to immediately address Mr Butler’s serious allegations and provide a full explanation of how the ‘process’ was run and exactly what her role was in the plan that stitched up Mr Winter.

*caller Ross Butler on Mornings with Leon Compton ABC radio Tuesday 30 March 2021 8:48am