Labor all talk and no action on workplace protection


Labor had their chance to support Tasmanian workers and their families, and they blew it.

Their recent vote against our proposed workplace protection laws was the ultimate act of betrayal and a kick in the guts to the hard working Tasmanians who are being threatened and harassed by radical protesters for simply going to work.

For Labor to come out today and say they support workplace protection is hypocrisy in its highest form.

Tasmanians won’t be fooled, if Labor truly cared about the rights of workers, they would not have spent the past 15 months refusing to put forward options or bipartisan support to protect them.

Tasmanian workers and their families deserve protection and peace of mind, not cheap political games from Labor.

Tasmanians have not forgotten or forgiven the infamous Labor-Green love affair, which cost our forestry industry 4000 jobs - two out of three jobs in the sector. Tasmanians simply can’t trust them not to do it again.

Our Government will continue to back Tasmanian workers and businesses, and only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a long-term Plan to deliver jobs across regional Tasmania, and deliver a more diverse and resilient economy to help protect us against future challenges.