White’s wash out on Carlton won't last the Winter


Beleaguered Labor Leader Rebecca White’s indecision was again on awkward display today in her interview with Brian Carlton.

Once again she refused to answer questions about her role in the pre-selection process for Kingborough Mayor Dean Winter.

The failure to endorse Cr Winter has been slammed by three former Labor Premiers and former Labor Minister, Julian Amos, who said the decision was “fatal”.

Ms White refused multiple times to say whether she wanted Cr Winter as a candidate, despite reports that she voted against him. It's clear that Ms White has meekly followed the union bosses demands who brought in a Bob Brown Foundation activist to block Cr Winter's hopes in order to sandbag David O'Byrne in Franklin.

When asked whether she had asked for Federal intervention in the Winter case, she refused to answer the questions, saying it was irrelevant.

Labor is in chaos, and Ms White cannot make a decision.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government can provide the certainty Tasmanians need and have a plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future.