Latest allegations against Labor


Claims of fraud and corruption in Labor’s candidate pre-selection process by two former Labor MPs need a firm explanation from beleaguered Labor Leader, Rebecca White.

Former Labor Minister, Julian Amos, today claimed Ms White as the leader could have acted decisively to secure popular Mayor Dean Winter as a candidate, but chose to hand her proxy vote to a faceless union boss.

In today’s Tasmanian Management Services in support of progress newsletter, Mr Amos claimed those “processes are corrupt”.

This follows former Labor Member for Franklin, Ross Butler, making explosive claims on ABC radio yesterday morning, describing the process to block Winter’s endorsement as “fraud” and “corruption”.

Did Ms White deliberately throw Winter to the wolves, or, as Mr Amos points out, is there a deeper and more sinister issue at play.

It's clear that Ms White has meekly followed the faceless union bosses’ demands who brought in Bob Brown Foundation activist Fabiano Cangelosi to block Cr Winter's hopes in order to sandbag David O'Byrne in Franklin.

Serious allegations demand decisive action.

Either way, at the very time Tasmania needs certainty or security, Labor is in chaos.

If you cannot make decisions about candidates, how can you make decisions for Tasmania?

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government has the firm leadership and a plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future.