Lies won’t win Labor votes


Labor has nothing to offer so they settle for blatant deception – we have made it very clear, TasTAFE will never be privatised under a Liberal Government.

TasTAFE will always remain the public training provider in public ownership, and we have a bold plan for its next evolution, with a $98.5 million commitment to deliver 100 more teachers, brand new infrastructure across the state and increased access for rural and regional students.

That means more access, more training and more skilled workers to take up the many jobs on offer in business and industry here in Tasmania.

The Liberal Government has built a strong and sustainable public provider by paying off Labor's $5 million TAFE debt, delivering seven years accreditation from the national regulator and investing $41.8 million on new facilities and equipment right across Tasmania.

With nearly $100 million in commitments for TasTAFE, it is clear we are not talking about privatisation – any suggestion otherwise is malicious and politically motivated.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government can support and deliver a TasTAFE for the next generation and secure Tasmania’s future.