Securing Tasmania’s future by supporting local jobs at Incat


A majority Gutwein Liberal Government will secure 500 Tasmanian jobs and create up to 150 more at Tasmanian ship builder Incat, by supporting the construction of a new high-speed vessel.

The Tasmanian Liberals have a Plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future by creating a more diverse and resilient economy to help protect us against future challenges.

This includes supporting world class local manufacturers like Incat, which has operated in Tasmania for over 50 years and has a 500 strong workforce.

Incat has been hit by global border closures over the past year, with demand reducing in the international ferry market. Retaining Incat’s highly-skilled workforce through a steady pipeline of work is critical.

A majority Liberal Government will:
• Secure 500 local jobs at Incat by providing $100 million to finance, on an interest-free basis for three years, the construction of a 120-metre high-speed vessel;
• Create an additional 120-150 direct jobs over the next 12-18 months, including 60 more apprenticeships; and
• Secure around 250 indirect jobs in local supply chains for small and medium-sized business in Tasmania.

For each vessel constructed at Incat, around 65 per cent of the total sales price is spent and retained right here in Tasmania.

This equates to around $95 million being retained in our local economy.

If the vessel is not sold or chartered after three years, the loan will revert to commercial interest rates payable by Incat, however, the shipbuilder is confident that demand for its world class product will return swiftly once border restrictions ease globally.

This commitment forms part of our clear plan to secure Tasmania’s future, which is working to rebuild our economy, create jobs and deliver the essential services that Tasmanians need.

We are backing Tasmanian business and industry to create the jobs that Tasmanians need, demonstrated through our bold plan to invest an additional $98.5 million for TasTAFE’s next evolution to ensure it can provide skilled workers for the future.

The full Incat policy is available here.