Labor's first week: One long April Fools' Day joke


In comparison with the Liberals who had a very strong start to the election campaign, Labor stumbled from bad to worse over the course of the first week.

The Liberal campaign focused squarely on more local jobs as part of our Plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future.

We released new policies to help grow up to 3,950 jobs including TasTAFE, Hobart Showgrounds, state-wide job hubs, INCAT, and today we will be announcing a new Agricultural Precinct.

In contrast, Labor released no policies and spent the week telling us what they wouldn’t do, who they wouldn’t preselect, and abandoning long-held policy positions, most notably on gaming which Rebecca White said previously was a "health policy".

The Liberals had a clear message (vote Liberal for strong stable majority Government to Secure Tasmania’s Future). Labor had no message.

One of the most striking aspects of the first week of the campaign was Ms White’s indecisiveness over Dean Winter, compared with the Premier’s decisive action with his own Franklin candidate's social media.

Labor’s campaign has been negative, and it is clear that they have nothing to offer Tasmanians other than a negative scare campaign with false claims about Liberal policies on the Hydro and TasTAFE – claims which have rightly been directly refuted by the Premier.

We expect the mother of all scare campaigns from Labor in a desperate attempt to distract and divert from their union/factions/candidates/policy mess.