Fishing infrastructure for the future


Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a clear Plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future.

Recreational fishing is a vital part of the Tasmanian way of life – particularly at Easter - and it’s crucial we make it more accessible for more Tasmanians to enjoy.

I am pleased to announce that a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will provide more than $3 million in new funding to support recreational sea and inland fishers.

We will provide $2 million towards a dedicated recreational sea fishing fund for important improvements including new jetties, boat ramps, pontoons, amenities and financial support to help sea fishing clubs upgrade their premises.

The Fund will be open to local councils and local community organisations, including sea fishing clubs, with the aim of making recreational sea fishing more accessible to fishers, families and those who are mobility-impaired or living with a disability.

To drive continued growth in trout fishing, a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will maintain a strong and independent Inland Fisheries Service (IFS).

We will provide the IFS with $1 million over four years for new and upgraded facilities, amenities and improved access to fishing locations. This will be done in consultation with Anglers Alliance Tasmania and local angling clubs.

We will also waive junior inland angling fees for the next four years to help more young people enjoy our world class trout fishery and provide an additional $100,000 towards our popular Tagged Trout Promotion.

Over 100,000 Tasmanians enjoy fishing and we have some of the highest rates of recreational sea fishing in the world.

Fishing also makes a great contribution to Tasmania’s economy, with more than $160 million spent on accommodation, fuel, bait, tackle and other equipment, helping our regional communities and small business sector.

Fishing, whether at Easter or all year around, is a cherished way of life for Tasmanians who enjoy spending time in the outdoors, and with friends and family.

Our Plan to Secure Tasmania's Future supports the Tasmanian way of life.

The policy can be viewed here.