Labor opposes elective surgery blitz


In an extraordinary move, Labor has indicated they oppose our Plan to deliver 22,300 more elective surgeries across the State.

Labor’s health spokesperson, Dr Bastian Seidel said yesterday that “the evidence is clear that surgery blitzes don’t work” (media conference, 6th April 2021).

Labor needs to explain to the more than 22,000 additional people who will receive treatment under our plan, why they oppose them getting the treatment they need and deserve?

The last time Labor were in Government with the Greens they closed a hospital ward, sacked nearly 300 nurses and cut $500 million from the health budget.

Does Labor actually have a policy or a plan, or will they just snipe from the sidelines.

The only way to ensure that Tasmanians get the health care they deserve is to re-elect a majority Gutwein Liberal Government.