What a weak for Labor

Rebecca White taking 10 days to make a decision that should have been made in a heartbeat demonstrates a serious lack of leadership.

In what can only be described as a rolling cluster, Tasmanians are rightly asking who is in charge – because it clearly isn’t Rebecca White.

First of all White hands her vote to the faceless men and women of the Labor Party to block Dean Winter for pre-selection.

When three former Labor leaders slam this move, David O’Byrne flexes his muscle and refers the matter to his union, to keep Winter at bay.

The debacle is then referred to the National Executive, forcing Rebecca White’s hand to support Winter for pre-selection.

Rebecca White then said last week that she “will not be writing to the Federal party’s national executive about the pre-selection process”* and stands 100 percent behind her team.

Today’s spectacular Bec-flip is just another example of the lack of direction and lack of leadership that exists in the Labor party.

If you cannot lead your party, you cannot lead the State.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a clear plan to secure Tasmania’s future.

*The Mercury 30 March 2021