White Faces Serious Questions over her Leadership


Labor’s rolling campaign onmnicluster continues to gather speed, with two new revelations.

First former Clark candidate and the State President of Labor, Ben McGregor, is threatening legal action against Leader Rebecca White.

Such an unprecedented dispute between President and Leader would be bad enough at any time, but occurring at the height of an election campaign only highlights the chaos and dysfunction within Labor.

Second, Sam Mitchell, Ms White’s hand-picked replacement candidate for Mr McGregor, has made lewd, crude and vulgar Facebook posts (now deleted).

Mr Mitchell’s Facebook posts also included a deeply offensive slur against Australia.

Specifically, does Ms White believe that a person who made such comments about our country is a fit and proper person to represent Labor in Parliament?

Voters see the way a party performs in an election campaign as a proxy for how they will perform in government.

If Labor can’t govern themselves, how could they govern Tasmania.

The lewd Facebook posts can be found at: https://imgur.com/a/VomsMGY