Labor's dismal track record on Health


Labor’s refusal to provide basic details of the number of elective surgeries they would deliver is further evidence that you can’t trust Labor on Health.

The best indicator of future performance is past performance, and Labor’s tragic health record speaks for itself.

When Labor and the Greens were last in government, they cut the Health budget by $500 million and sacked 287 nurses.

Under Labor and the Greens rural and regional hospitals were downgraded and services slashed.

They didn’t lay a single brick at the Royal Hobart Hospital despite years of promises; it took a Liberal Government to deliver this vital project.

Now, Labor can’t tell Tasmanians how many elective surgeries they’d deliver.

They refuse to match our commitment to the $30m Stage Two of the Kingston Health Centre, and they refuse to match our commitment to Dover ($1m).

In stark contrast to Labor’s $500m cut, the Liberals have increased the Health budget by $4 billion and employed an extra 760 nurses.

From Day One we have been investing in rural and regional communities to ensure all Tasmanians can access the care they need.

We are delivering rural paramedics for communities, while Labor called on us to put them into big cities.

We are delivering a huge capital works program for rural and regional hospitals, including investing in new facilities like the St Helens Hospital and Campbell Town Ambulance Station.

The record shows:

• You can’t trust Labor on Health
• The Gutwein Liberal Government is delivering better health care for all Tasmanians