Lambert breaks ranks on Malbena, adopts Greens' policy


Labor Leader Rebecca White has clearly lost control of her candidates.

Firstly, it was Labor’s Franklin candidate Fabiano Cangelosi publicly undermining his Leader by denouncing his own party’s poker machine and protest law policies, saying he would “eradicate both of them”.

Now, it has been claimed that Labor’s Lyon’s candidate Janet Lambert has joined with the Greens policy position and told the Wilderness Society that she does not support the Lake Malbena proposal and would “seek support from within party to back my stance”.*

This is clearly at odds with Labor Leader Rebecca White’s position, who claims that Labor support our EOI process, and that they will not seek to pre-judge the planning and approvals process of any application.

Ms White must either haul Ms Lambert into line, or else it can only be concluded that Labor has a secret agenda to adopt the Greens’ anti-EOI policy.

Ms White can not continue to walk both sides of the street while her candidates run rogue.