​Tasmania cannot afford to go backwards again under Labor


Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government can manage Tasmania’s budget responsibly and maintain our strong economy.

Labor can’t manage money, and after seven years they still have not produced an alternative budget.

The Deloitte Access Economics Business Outlook for the March 2021 quarter has confirmed Tasmania’s recovery from COVID-19 is leading the nation, with business confidence strong and jobs rebounding. A Labor-Green Government could never have achieved this.

When Labor was last in Government they wrecked the budget. They over promised and as a result they were forced to make severe cuts:

  • They sacked 287 nurses, closed whole hospital wards and slashed $500 million from the health Budget;
  • They sacked TAFE teachers and tried to close 20 schools; and
  • They axed 108 police officers.

Tasmania lost 10,000 jobs, the economy went into recession and business confidence plummeted with two out of three businesses reporting that Government policies were working against them.

Right now, Tasmania is in a good place. But we need to maintain responsible budget discipline so that we can keep our economy strong, grow jobs and continue to invest in essential services.

Labor cannot manage budgets – the record speaks for itself.

Tasmania cannot afford to go backwards under a Labor-Green Government.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a clear plan to secure Tasmania’s future, and the track record to do it.