Securing Tasmania’s wild fishing industry


To secure the future of our wild fishing industry a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will invest $3 million to support the sector.

Tasmania’s wild fisheries, including abalone, scalefish and rock lobster, are an integral part of our economy worth around $187 million each year, while our oyster industry has around 60 growers and is worth around $28 million.

These fisheries support hundreds of jobs, many in regional communities, and they help underpin Tasmania’s global reputation as a producer of premium seafood.

That’s why we will invest:

$1 million each year for two years for a Wild Fisheries Action Plan to support the sector make boat improvements and adopt new technologies, re-skill and upskill workers, value-add and diversify, and develop markets and supply chains including supporting the Eat More Seafood campaign;

  • Support emerging marine industries with an investment of $250,000 over two years;
  • Assist with the development of Aboriginal cultural fisheries with $250,000 over the next two years;
  • Provide $350,000 for immediate oyster industry levy relief; and
  • Deliver $150,000 over three years for the Tasmanian Seafood Trails site.

While COVID significantly impacted the sector, the Government has been actively engaging with the industry, and has provided around $6.5m in direct support.

A re-elected majority Liberal Government will provide additional vital support to our fisheries sector to help secure jobs and secure our future.

The policy can be found here.