Bec-flip Bastian must explain


Labor’s Health Spokesperson Bastian Seidel and embattled Leader Rebecca White must explain why they have changed position on birthing services at the Mersey Community Hospital.

The move to centralise birthing services at Burnie was made on expert medical advice, for the safety of both mothers and their babies.

These changes improved access for mothers and their babies to critical care, paediatrics and other support services, which are life-saving in an emergency.

It was supported by:

- The Australian Medical Association

- The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Association

- The Burnie City Council

- The Latrobe Council

- The State Labor Party and health spokesperson at the time, Rebecca White

- Even Dr Seidel himself as head of the RACGP said it was “necessary”.

It’s clear that Dr Seidel is now putting politics before the community’s health, and what he really believes.

He’s previously made it clear that he wanted to close the Mersey, now for political reasons he claims he doesn’t.

He previously supported centralising birthing services at Burnie, now for political reasons he doesn’t.

This is further evidence, Labor simply can’t be trusted on health.