How many elective surgeries will Labor deliver?


Labor will not confirm how many elective surgeries Tasmanians will receive under their plan.

Bastien Seidel has side stepped questions on elective surgery numbers for days, which suggests the real number falls well short of the Liberals 22,300 surgeries and endoscopies over four years.

Labor do not see this as a priority and it’s no surprise that last time in Government, Tasmanians were left waiting as long as 10 years for a surgery.

A strong economy is essential to enable investment in health and that’s why we have invested $4 billion more than Labor and the Greens.

When they were last in Government Labor and the Greens trashed the Budget, sent Tasmania into recession and as a result slashed the health budget, closed whole wards and sacked 287 nurses.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government can manage the Budget responsibly, keep our economy strong and invest in the essential services Tasmanians need.