Securing the future of the West Coast


A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will Secure the Future for the West Coast, with a $10 million investment to ensure it can meet the needs of this growing community, and continue its growth as an economic powerhouse and unique tourism destination.

Investing in Strahan Waterfront

A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will invest $1 million – matched by the West Coast Council – to complete the Strahan Waterfront Precinct Plan.

The Strahan waterfront is a popular destination for visitors to the area and has become a must-see part of the Tasmanian tourism scene.

Our commitment, in conjunction with the West Coast Council, will allow the Plan to be completed, creating a safer port area and increased space on the busy waterfront precinct for locals and tourists alike.

It will complement our previous upgrades to the area, including a $6.5 million redevelopment of the Strahan wharf and cruise ship terminal.

Investing in health

Two new additional paramedics will be recruited for the West Coast region at a cost of $1.2 million across four years, with their location to be determined in consultation with the local community.

We are committed to giving all Tasmanians the health care they need, when and where they need it, and this will boost the number of paramedics by 33 per cent, from the current six paramedics.

We will also continue our investment into rural and regional hospitals, with an additional $560,000 over four years for extra staff at the West Coast District Hospital. We will work with the hospital and the local community to determine how the additional staff can be utilised to ensure they can best serve the community.

We will also provide $400,000 over four years to upgrade equipment at the West Coast District Hospital, ensuring it is equipped to stabilise trauma patients.

Supporting mining jobs for the future

As we continue to stimulate our economy, boosting investment and jobs on the West Coast in major sectors like mining, is a key part of our plan to secure the region’s future.

That’s why we will provide $2 million across four years, supported by up to $3 million from the Australian Government's Exploring for the Future Program, for a new Geoscience Initiative that will provide new data to underpin the next generation of mineral exploration.

This research plays a vital role in unlocking future mining development, meaning more investment and more jobs in regional Tasmania.

We will also invest $1.5 million to extend our co-funded Exploration Drilling Grants Initiative to 2025.

This program has been in place since 2018 and has seen a number of exploration projects completed, and we anticipate this commitment will continue to generate over 10kms of greenfields exploration drilling and investigation.

By co-investing with industry through this partnership. we are supporting the continued growth of our mining and minerals processing sector, which is a key pillar of our economy, supporting more than 5,100 jobs around the State.

Direct flights to Strahan

Regular flights between Hobart and Strahan will once again take off from April 20, thanks to a $100,000 investment to support the service from the Tasmanian Liberal Government.

The flights were suspended last year due to COVID-19, but are now ready to take off once again, supporting tourism on the West Coast and encouraging even more people to travel into our regions.

The flights will operate twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with the service to be reviewed in 12 months.

This is more proof of our commitment to growing tourism on the West Coast, and ensuring the benefits of our growing economy are felt right around the State.

Investing in tourism and the arts

If re-elected, we will secure the future of the Unconformity Festival on the West Coast for the next four years by increasing funding to $525,000 per annum to cement its place alongside other major events on our annual calendar.

The popular festival has been a feature on the West Coast calendar for many years, and with our ongoing support, it has grown into a world-class drawcard for the West Coast visitor economy.

The event draws in many visitors to the West Coast, and securing its future will be fantastic news for local businesses that benefit from the annual increase in visitation.

Additionally, we will invest $600,000 to complete the Horsetail Falls walk, providing another spectacular attraction to cement the West Coast as a destination for nature-based tourism experiences.

We will also provide $150,000 per annum over the next four years to support the West Coast Heritage Centre, and help maintain its collection.

The Centre offers a unique insight into the history of the West Coast, giving visitors an experience and understanding of the heritage of the region, and this commitment will ensure its ongoing operations and heritage maintenance into the future.

Our strong plan for the West Coast can be found here.