Labor’s reckless spending will plunge Tasmania into an extra $1 billion net debt


We are only half way through the campaign and Labor has already made promises to spend more than $2 billion.

That is more than double the Liberals’ policy commitments of around $850 million.

Plunging Tasmania into an extra $1 billion net debt, will undo all the hard work Tasmanians have done to recover from COVID.

Our Budget was hit hard by COVID, and we are rebuilding our state’s finances. Pre-Election Fiscal Outlook (PEFO) demonstrates our plan is clearly working.

The last thing our economy needs is Labor’s unaffordable spending acting as a dead weight dragging us backwards.

Not convinced of the merits of their own health policy, Labor have copied large parts of the Liberal’s health policies. They did this quietly on their website without announcing it – meaning they’ve effectively doubled up and announced two health policies, which is completely unaffordable! This includes stage 2 of the RHH redevelopment and the LGH masterplan.

This is a repeat of their performance at the last election, when they re-wrote their health policy seven times!

Their health promises alone have blown out by more than $1.4 billion and are changing from day to day, both in terms of costs and job numbers. This is what happens when you make policy on the run.

Labor’s chaotic spending binge is completely unaffordable and unsustainable unless they cut programs, sack staff or tax Tasmanians.

Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government can manage the Budget responsibly, keep our economy strong and invest in the essential services Tasmanians need.