Labor spend-a-thon crashes over $1 billion in net debt


Labor’s reckless spend-a-thon would plunge the State into over $1 billion additional net debt, sending Tasmania backwards and undoing all the work we have done to recover from COVID-19.

Their unaffordable and unsustainable $2 billion in promises simply cannot be believed or delivered – unless they tax Tasmanians higher or sack frontline staff like nurses or police officers, just like they did when last in Government.

We have rebuilt from the pandemic and our economy has rebounded strongly, and as a result, we are able to reinvest these gains back into the Tasmanian community, such as by lowering land tax rates for Tasmanian families.

Labor need to come clean and explain what taxes they will force on Tasmanians to pay for their reckless spending.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a clear plan to secure Tasmania's future and keep our economy strong so that we can continue to invest in the essential services Tasmanians need.