Labor’s land tax is unbelievable, doesn’t add up and is unaffordable


Our land tax policy announced in the State of the State (prior to the election) was costed by Treasury and results in an additional 4000 Tasmanians paying no tax and 70,000 Tasmanians saving up to $613 per annum.

Treasury costed this policy as $14.6 million per year, or $58.4 million over four years.

Labor’s land tax policy announced today states that 60,000 taxpayers will pay no land tax and provides significant tax cuts to those who do pay.

Labor claims this will cost $7.5 million. How can this be?

Will Labor slug commercial land owners with a massive land tax?

Will foreigners who live in Tasmania have to pay a tax on their principal place of residence, as well as foreign owned commercial operations?

There must be a huge slug on these taxpayers as it is estimated from the figures presented that the policy would cost $240 million over four years.

Larger land holders underpin our economy and employ thousands of Tasmanians – and it appears they will wear the cost.

Labor’s out of touch policy will grind development to a halt and put Tasmanian jobs at risk.

Our land-tax policy is affordable, sustainable and is far more in touch with community expectations.

We will reduce land tax rates for Tasmanians and introduce a Foreign Investor Land Tax Surcharge on residential properties only and not principal places of residence, primary production or commercial land so that Tasmanian jobs are protected.

Commercial land owners cannot afford to be stung by another Labor-Green mess.

Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a plan to modernise land tax arrangements and Secure Tasmania’s Future.