Premier’s resounding debate win


Premier Peter Gutwein has scored a resounding victory in the Property Council and TCCI Leaders Debate with his strong leadership and economic credentials evident.

The Premier clearly outperformed Labor leader Rebecca White who could not articulate a plan, and exposed major cracks in her magic pudding policies and costings.

In addition, his declaration in the opening statement that he would step down if there was not a majority Liberal Government, makes the choice at this election even more clear.

Particularly so when the rattled and indecisive Ms White was forced to announce a similar position.

This means a vote for Peter Gutwein is a vote for Peter Gutwein. However, because no credible commentator believes Labor can form majority Government, a vote for Labor is not a vote for Ms White, but rather for the next Labor leader, which would be the union-controlled David O’Byrne.