No such thing as a free Labor lunch


Rebecca White and Labor are treating the Budget as a magic pudding, making unaffordable and unrealistic commitments that will cost Tasmanians at the hip pocket.

Labor’s $30 million school lunch program is the equivalent of more than 300 full time teachers!

The only way for Labor to pay for this unrealistic spending would be to significantly increase school levies.

We have a sensible food security strategy, targeted to assist schools where it is needed to strengthen access for all Tasmanians to healthy nutritious food. Labor's policy is a free for all and taxpayers will foot the bill.

Labor’s recipe for the election will sandwich Tasmanians into unmanageable levels of debt, and compromise education funding for literacy and numeracy support.

Only a re-elected Gutwein majority Liberal Government has the leadership and experience to manage the state’s economy responsibly and secure Tasmania’s future.