Securing Tasmania’s advanced manufacturing future


A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will provide an additional $10 million over four years to support our advanced manufacturing and defence industries to collaborate, innovate, commercialise and scale up to create jobs and further opportunities for Tasmanian businesses.

Manufacturing in Tasmania has been revitalised in recent years and we have a clear plan to boost and support the industry to be world leaders, as we secure Tasmania’s future.

Our investment includes $5 million over three years to implement our Advanced Manufacturing Action Plan, including developing and attracting a highly-skilled workforce, supporting the adoption of lead-edge design and technologies, and supporting greater market identification, access and industry promotion.

We will provide $3 million over two years for the Advanced Manufacturing Accelerating Growth Grants program to assist Tasmanian manufacturers to become more competitive, resilient and able to scale up to better compete in global markets.

There are billions of dollars’ worth of defence contracts up for grabs, and Tasmania has highly capable, niche advanced manufacturing businesses, so we will provide $600,000 over two years to assist businesses to prepare and submit tenders for lucrative defence contracts.

We will also provide a $600,000 interest free secured loan over three years for the PFG Group to build an ultra-durable High-Density Polyethylene prototype vessel for the defence sector for domestic and international markets. Construction of this ‘first in class’ watercraft will help secure the operations at PFG, with flow-on benefits to many local businesses, and will clearly demonstrate their capabilities building next generation water craft to potential buyers here and overseas.

As previously announced, we will provide $100 million in finance on an interest-free basis for three years for Incat to construct a 120-metre high-speed vessel, securing 500 jobs and creating an additional 120 to 150 direct jobs.

We will also assist the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council with $500,000 over four years to support the advanced manufacturing sector adopt Industry 4.0, and we will support the Tasmanian Defence Advocate to continue working with Tasmanian manufacturers to compete for lucrative defence contracts, with a further investment of $900,000.

Tasmania has a long history of manufacturing innovation, and over the past seven years, the Liberals have backed these critical sectors.

A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will continue to support future growth and excellence in advanced manufacturing and defence, to secure Tasmania’s future.

The policy is available here.