Fiscal strategy to continue Securing Tasmania’s Future


Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government has a clear, long-term plan to Secure Tasmania’s Future and the responsible budget discipline and track record to do it.

We will continue to build on the strong economic gains made since 2014, which has secured confidence, investment and 26,800 more jobs.

These results do not happen by accident. They are the result of a clear plan to grow our economy and create jobs, underpinned by our clear Fiscal Strategy.

Our strong fiscal focus and strategy fixed the budget, taking it to surplus four years ahead of schedule, and enabled us to enter the pandemic from a position of strength.

You cannot tax your way to prosperity, and, unlike Labor, our commitments are sustainable and affordable.

We will not introduce any new taxes on Tasmanians, nor will we sell any key assets, like the Labor-Green Government did with the TOTE.

By contrast, Labor promised to fix the budget every year when they were in Government and failed every time, leading to an economy in recession and 10,000 jobs lost.

Labor’s reckless spending simply does not add up - unless they raise taxes, make cuts or sack staff – just like they did last time.

Only a majority Gutwein Liberal Government will return the budget to surplus within the forward estimates, and has the discipline and track record to grow our economy, create jobs and invest in the essential services Tasmanians need.

That’s why Tasmanians have a clear choice on 1 May and who sits in the Premier’s chair. A majority Liberal Government with a strong track record of responsible budget management and results, or a minority Labor-Green rabble with a history of debt, deficit, and failure.

The Fiscal Strategy can be found here: