Labor appears to breach charter of budget responsibility act


Labor appears to have breached the Charter of Budget Responsibility Act by failing to publicly announce a fiscal strategy by yesterday, as required by the law.

Section 6 (2) of the Act clearly states that:

“The Leader of an Opposition party is to publicly announce a fiscal strategy statement, and provide a copy of the statement to the Secretary, within 15 days of the election costing period.”

This does not appear to have occurred.

While Labor briefed out sections of their Strategy to some newspapers yesterday, no official public announcement of the Strategy has been made, nor does it appear that any Fiscal Strategy document is publicly available on their website.

In addition, Labor has not had a single policy costed by Treasury (already 14 of our policies have been costed).

Labor can’t be trusted on costings. They haven’t submitted an alternative Budget for seven years and this costings cover-up is further evidence that their promises are unaffordable, unbelievable and simply can’t be delivered.

So far in this election Labor has promised more than $2 billion in spending, well over double the Liberals.

Labor’s Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne is lazy and deceptive. He needs to come out of hiding and explain where his Fiscal Strategy is, and why he is refusing to submit Labor’s policies for costing.