Labor concedes they can't win majority - but Labor-Green minority a real risk


With 10 days to go until election day, Tasmanian voters need to know that a minority Labor-Green government remains a very real risk.

In a major election campaign development, a “well-placed Labor source” has conceded to the Advocate newspaper that Labor cannot win majority government.

This means that by their own admission that the best Labor can achieve is to govern in a minority power-sharing arrangement with the Greens – and that’s now their aim.

There is no doubt this election is going to be a lot closer than many people think.

Tasmanian elections are always hard fought and our unique Hare-Clark system makes it very difficult for us to win the majority government Tasmania needs.

The only way to keep Peter Gutwein in the Premier’s chair and deliver the strong, stable majority Government Tasmania needs, is to vote Liberal.