More Labor forest lock-ups


Rebecca White’s renewed commitment to the failed Labor-Green Tasmanian Forestry Agreement (TFA) would see almost 400,000 hectares of resource locked up.

Under the Liberals, this resource (Future Potential Production Forest) is potentially available for harvesting in the future, subject to appropriate parliamentary approvals.

In contrast, under the discredited TFA, it was scheduled for permanent lock up.

The original TFA cost 4,000 forestry jobs (two out of three jobs in the sector) and brought the industry to its knees.

The fact that Ms White has recommitted to the TFA is further evidence of their strategy to form a minority Labor-Green government if they get the chance.

Labor still hasn’t learnt from its TFA debacle, it should leave this $1.2 billion industry alone, and let it get on with its well-managed, sustainable, job creating future.