White owned on Facebook over false ward closure claims


Labor Leader Rebecca White has been owned on her own Facebook page over her false claims about ward closures at the Royal.

After posting pictures of the old Ward 5A along with the claim that “beds [had been] removed from the wards”, Ms White received a tsunami of negative comments criticising her for her attempted deception.

Such was the volume of comments that it appears Labor’s social media spinners were unable to delete the negative comments fast enough, and now appear to have given up on censoring the truth.

Some of the comments included:

This ward has been moved to the brand new K Block. Check your facts before posting scare tactics

This is so misleading, this ward has moved to the new k block, it has not been shut down. Yes there are chronic staffing and funding issues, but this is not an accurate account of what is happening. Intentional misleading of the public.

Posting photos of a ward that has been closed down and has been moved to the new one. Of course there are no beds, as they are in the new ward. And they expect us to trust them...

In fact, the photos Mr Seidel produced were of the old 5A ward, with those 25 surgical beds, plus 15 additional surgical beds, moved to K-Block, where patients have new equipment and more care with extra doctors and nurses put on by this Government.

The old ward will be refurbished as part of the Stage 2 redevelopment of the Royal Hobart Hospital, which a majority Gutwein Liberal Government will deliver.

Ms White’s deceit about Ward 5A is further evidence Labor can’t be trusted. There is now a clear pattern of deception including their false claims about our plans and record on TasTafe, the Hydro and health spending.