Protecting Tasmanian traditions


Only a Tasmanian Liberal Government is committed to protecting our traditions and supporting the Tasmanian way of life.

If re-elected, we will maintain the hunting system in the state for game species including wild fallow deer, wallaby, duck, quail, mutton-bird and pheasant.

To better understand its benefits, we will invest $50,000 towards a study into the economic and social value of recreational hunting and sport shooting in Tasmania.

We will invest $250,000 over two years to implement a new Wild Fallow Deer Management Plan for Tasmania, reinvigorate Property-based Game Management Plans and expand deer and wildlife population monitoring.

We also remain committed to improving collaboration between recreational hunters and landholders to manage the impacts of wild fallow deer and browsing animals on farmland, reserves and sensitive environmental areas.

We will assist in developing a new Wildlife Impact Action Plan in conjunction with the TFGA, and also provide $50,000 to subsidise training through TasTAFE for hunters to obtain the safe harvesting and meat handling certification to enable wild shot deer to be processed for personal use at accredited facilities.

Recreational hunting and sport shooting is an important tradition for many Tasmanians and hunters play an important role in helping landholders to sustainably manage wildlife populations.

Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government has the clear plan to secure Tasmania’s future and support our way of life.

The full policy is available here.