Sustainably growing Flinders Island’s visitor economy


Flinders Island is a truly unique destination, with some of the most pristine landscapes in Tasmania as well as the most photogenic.

With more visitors able to access the island thanks to the Government's agreement to underwrite flights, a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will provide $300,000 to the Flinders Island Council to develop a Regenerative Tourism Plan.

This plan will chart a course for how the Island can receive social and economic benefits from a busier visitor economy, while remaining sustainable and a much-loved home for locals.

The Council will work with the local community on ways to ensure the Island is a carbon neutral destination, in keeping with our aspiration for Tasmania to be a carbon neutral destination by 2025.

The Plan will preserve what makes Flinders Island special, while ensuring the local economy receives the benefits of a booming visitor economy.

Only a re-elected Gutwein majority Liberal Government has a plan to secure Tasmania’s future by maximising the potential of our tourism industry and helping it to thrive.