Securing the future of our Stadiums


A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will secure Tasmania’s sporting future with a $65 million investment to redevelop UTAS Stadium, along with determining the feasibility and appropriate location in the South for a new rectangular stadium.

We will also determine the feasibility of one of the major outdoor stadiums being further developed to enable a roof to be installed.

Importantly, to oversee the development and management of major stadiums across the State and maximise the community and economic benefits of venues fit to host national level sport and entertainment, we will also establish a Stadiums Tasmania Trust.

The Trust will enable the investment needed in our facilities and make them competitive host venues on the world stage.

This aligns to our clear strategy to secure Tasmanian sporting teams in national competitions. Already we have supported the delivery of strong representation in national level Cricket and Hockey and now significant progress has been made by this Government to secure our place in the National Basketball League, AFL, A-League and Super League Netball.

We need to continue to invest in facilities that will enable Tasmania to secure national and international events. It is estimated that over the next 10 years we will need to commit up to $500 million on stadium upgrades.

The Trust would oversee the development and management of the venues and land owned (assets) by the State to maximise economic and community benefit for Tasmania. The Trust would be responsible for the management of the assets it controls, its revenues and expenditures, with the capacity to borrow funds for stadium upgrades and developments.

Blundstone Arena and UTAS Stadium will be included with the remit of the Stadiums Tasmania Trust, along with the State owned assets of the Derwent Entertainment Centre and the Silverdome.

A re-elected Gutwein Liberal Government will commence formal consultation regarding the establishment of the Stadiums Tasmania Trust with the City of Launceston (for UTAS Stadium) and the Clarence City Council (for Blundstone Arena) within 100 days of being re-elected.

The Gutwein Liberal Government has recognised that the cost of providing and developing National standard stadiums has become an increasing burden on local government, and a Trust aligns with models that work well in other jurisdictions in Australia.

The estimated annual cost of the new Authority is $5 million. Through borrowings undertaken through the new Authority, there would be:

  • An initial contribution of $65 million for the UTAS major development;
  • An immediate $6 million in required works for Blundstone Arena, including new screens and gate access developments; and
  • $5 million in works at the Silverdome.

Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government continues to invest in transformational infrastructure projects that will provide long lasting, generational benefits.

The policy is available here.