Investing in Tasmania’s Neighbourhood Houses


Tasmania’s Neighbourhood Houses are the heart of many of our local communities.

A re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government will invest $5.7 million into our Neighbourhood House Network and community facilities.

This includes providing $2.8 million over two years to Neighbourhood Houses to employ new Family and Community Support workers to increase the capacity of houses to address complex issues such as mental health, addictive behaviours and relationship breakdowns.

We will increase funding to peak body Neighbourhood House Tasmania with a $400,000 investment over four years to improve its capacity to support the House Network and the important work they do in our communities.

To drive further upgrades and enhancements across our Neighbourhood House network, we are committing $2 million to extend the Capital Improvement Program, allowing for a further round of improvements to the network beyond 2022.

A re-elected majority Gutwein Government will also invest $500,000 for a new purpose-built facility for Kentish House in Sheffield, which supports local families, provides programs for all ages and ensures connections and referrals to core support services. This funding is on top of the $580,000 we have committed to ensure individuals and families in the Kentish Community have access to services.

The Network of 34 Neighbourhood Houses across the state provide a vital connection and sense of community for many Tasmanians.

Only a re-elected majority Gutwein Liberal Government is committed to enhancing the work of our Neighbourhood Houses, and has the clear plan to secure Tasmania’s future.

Our full policy is available here.