Labor glued to the rear-view mirror


Premier Peter Gutwein demonstrated a strong vision and clear plan to secure Tasmania’s future in the Sky News-Mercury debate while Labor remained transfixed by the past.

In particular the Premier demonstrated a much better understanding of the economic issues Tasmania faces now and into the future, than Ms White.

He exposed the weaknesses in Labor’s financial competence, including their land tax debacle as well as their 79 cent school lunch farce.

Once again Ms White failed to explain how she would grant land tax cuts to more people than actually pay land tax!

This matter was raised in earlier debates, and Ms White could still not explain her bungled numbers.

Despite repeated calls, none of Labor’s policies have been costed by Treasury. The question is, why not?

It is clear Labor cannot possibly win majority Government, but Ms White did not rule out trying to cobble together a minority Government with the Greens and Independents.

As the Premier said during the debate, minority Governments do not work.

If you want to keep Peter Gutwein in the Premier’s Chair to secure Tasmania’s future, you must vote for your local Liberal candidate on 1 May.