White confirms she would govern in minority


Just days out from the election, Labor Leader Rebecca White has sensationally confirmed that Labor would govern in minority with the support of independents if given the opportunity.

Questioned by reporters yesterday and as reported today by ABC, Ms White repeatedly and pointedly refused to rule out doing a deal with any independents to form a Labor minority government.

Ms White’s position on minority government keeps changing as polling day gets nearer, and there is a very real risk of a hung Parliament.

In the First Debate on the 15th April, Ms White stated she would resign as Labor Leader if Labor didn’t win majority.

However, in a Second Debate on 22nd April, Ms White Bec-flipped on that position, as she began eyeing off being Premier in a minority government.

Now, with the election just five days away, Ms White has changed her position again, and firmly left open the possibility of doing a deal with any independents elected (and Greens) to form a chaotic and indecisive Labor-Green-Independent minority government.

Minority governments just don’t work, especially when firm and swift decision-making is required – such as when the Premier had to close the borders and keep them closed.

Minority government leads to lower confidence, less investment and fewer jobs.

It is now clear that if you want to keep Peter Gutwein in the Premier’s Chair to Secure Tasmania’s Future, you must vote for your local Liberal candidates.