More Labor chaos - Federal take-over planned


Reports today in the Australian newspaper that Labor’s National Executive is planning to take over management of the State Labor Party highlights the chaos and dysfunction within Ms White’s Labor.

The Australian reports that this take-over push is due to the ongoing “bitter conflict” between the Left and Right factions of the party.

Labor’s dysfunction this campaign includes claims of “abuse of power ” and rule breaches; their president is threatening to sue Ms White; and Ms White has claimed that their president is unfit for office.

It also reported that party powerbrokers are contemplating replacing Ms White with either David O’Byrne, Shane Broad or even Dean Winter – who isn’t even a member of Parliament at this stage!

Even Federal Labor believes that State Labor in unfit to govern themselves; how can voters possibly trust them to govern the State?

The only way to get the strong, stable majority government Tasmania needs is to vote for your local Liberal candidates on Saturday.